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The Wicked Wallflower

The Wicked Wallflower - Maya Rodale If you're in the mood for no angst, quick read, and if it's cheap (this is a must), then there are worse ways to spend a few hours.

If historical accuracy is your thing, this is not your book.
The 'movie-like' scene shifts. One minute I'm in a ballroom, the next I'm in the Duke's bedroom, then I'm back to the ballroom, then the morning pallor. I guess the idea was to create an idea or feeling of anticipation or immediacy or urgency. Mostly it just took me out of the book. This is more of a personal dislike, rather than it was 'bad' or 'not well done'. For me there are better ways to show (not tell) urgency. Switching locations isn't one of them.
The tropes and romance cliches didn't quite ever make it 100% all the way. Kind of like she started a trope, would try to put her own spin on it... but it just never quite worked for me. With this point, I'm once more willing to concede this is very much a personal preference/reading thing, and might not affect/annoy others like it did myself. You may applaud how original you found it because of the quirks. I would love to label it such, but for me, it just didn't read right.

No hurty hurty angst. The hurty hurty angst is your Laura Lee Guhrke's and your Elizabeth Hoyt's. They are your favourites. Your dream men and fangirl heroines. But you must be in the right frame of mind to read them, for your emotional and mental state of being. Not so this book. Any mood and you could pick it up. It was a light-hearted read. Perfect for a peaceful state of mind.
I really liked the characters. At the core they were well developed and entertaining.
It had a lot of potential. My cons can be easily addressed (the chopping scene locations, tropes that didn't quite work) with a different editor.
It was cheap.

Ultimately I'd advice you pick it up for a filler book IF you can find it reasonably priced. Reasonably priced means different things to different people, so I wont name an actual figure. I live in Australia and own a Sony eReader. I will pay more for a ebook 90% of the time than if I had a Kindle or lived in a more ebook friendly country. So reasonably priced for me, possibly means something different for you.